Conference date and location: 24-26 October, 2011, Dundee, Scotland
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The vlogging phenomena: A Deaf perspective

Ellen Hibbard and Deb Fels


One of the issues with highly textual websites is that they present a barrier for Deaf people who primarily use American Sign Language. However, Deaf people have been posting ASL content in form of vlogs to YouTube and specialized websites such as Deafvideo.TV. This paper presents some of the first insights into the use of vlogging technology and techniques among the Deaf community. The findings suggest that there are differences between YouTube and Deafvideo.TV due to differences between mainstream site and specialized site. Vlogging technology seems to influence use of styles that are not found or are used differently in face-to-face situations. Examples include the alteration of the vloggers appearance in the signing space to convey meaning.

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Photo by macieklew and used under creative commons