Conference date and location: 24-26 October, 2011, Dundee, Scotland
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Monitoring accessibility: large scale evaluations at a geo political level

Silvia Mirri, Ludovico Antonio Muratori and Paola Salomoni


Once we assumed Web accessibility to be a right, we implicitly state the necessity of a governance of it. Beyond any regulation, institutions must provide themselves with suitable tools to control and support accessibility on typically large scale scenarios of content and resources. No doubt, the economic impact and effectiveness of these tools affect accessibility level. In this paper, we propose an application to effectively monitor Web accessibility from a geo-political point of view, by referring resources to the specific (category of) institutions which are in charge of it and to the geographical places they are addressed to. Snapshots of such a macro level spatial-geo-political analysis can be used to effectively focus investments and skills where they are actually necessary.

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Photo by macieklew and used under creative commons